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Settlement of the West in 1850-1890s

Emily Sulbaran

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4.Plains' farmers who worked hard to break up the region's hard dirt
5.A Chiricahua Apache leader in 1880s who led an opposition struggle against white settlements in the American Southwest until his eventual surrender
8.A law passed by Congress to encourage settlement in the West by giving government-owned land to small farmers
11.A large wild used by the Plains Indians for food, clothing, and tools
13.A social and educational organization for farmers formed in 1867
14.A gold and silver mine in western Nevada
15.A journey or a voyage taken by a group of people with specific purpose
1.The movement of people to settle (go live) in the west
2.The extreme limit of settled land, beyond which lies undeveloped wilderness
3.African Americans who settled western lands in the late 1800s.
6.The history, geography, people, stories, and culture of the Western United States from around 1860
7.A religious movement among Native Americans that spread across the Plains in the 1880s
9.Native American chief of Oglala Sioux, who took part in the Battle of the Little Bighorn.
10.The care, preparation, use, and breeding of crops and animals
12.A Western community that grew quickly because of the mining boom

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