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Can you see it?


It's an anagram crossword for you Damian! Solve the anagram for the answers. The anagrams are also clues to the answer as well - clever really.

The actual anagram is in commas for you - some of them have clues as well :)

2 3                      
4                       5
  6             7         8
9         10
11             12          
16               17                            
    18       19            

3."On scale of sin" - The new pope wil have used one of these
4."Alas! No More Z's" - Your favourite thing that I do several times in the morning (2 Words)
6."Here Come Dots" - You listen carefully to translate this (3 Words)
11."Trims cash" - Seasonal
15."Death, it starts in ice" - The film about this was epic...and boring (3 Words)
16."Bra sets" - They cover these and you seem to like them :)
17."A year to shut down" - it wasn't though.... (3 Words)
18."A Rope Ends It"
20."Elegant Man" (2 Words)
21."Voices Rant On"
1."Loonies far up Thames" - it's where they all gather to talk.... (3 Words)
5."They see" - Something we all have..... (2 Words)
7."Twelve plus one" - It's numbers in the answer, but not the obvious ones (3 Words)
8."Woman Hitler" - Something married men get
9."Has to pilfer" (2 Words)
10."End is a car spin" - What did we call her? (2 Words)
12."Moon Starer"
13."I'm a Dot in Place" (3 Words)
14."Nice, save them" - Something to boast about to others
19."Lives" - Does he?

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