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Geometry Term

Mr. Davis

4th Grade

1 2
3             4        
5           6          
8   9            
    11 12                          
  15 16 17                    
18   19                    
      22 23

3.a quadrilateral with 4 congruent sides
4.specifies a location; dot
5.a quadrilateral that can be sometimes called a rectangle
6.a point where 2 sides meet
9.a shape with infinite lines of symmetry
10.a line with a point on one end and an arrow on the other
11.a triangle with one right angle
14.where 2 lines cross making a right angle
16.a portion of a line lying between 2 points
18.a quadrilateral with 4 right angles and 2 pairs of opposite sides that are parallel. One pair of sides is usually longer than the other
20.imaginary lines that perfectly reflect the other half
21.a triangle with all three angles less than 90 degrees
24.an angle less than 90 degrees
25.a figure with 3 straight lines and 3 angles
1.an angle greater than 90 degrees
2.one dimensional and continues forever in 2 directions
4.a quadrilateral that has 2 pairs of opposite sides that are parallel
7.has 5 sides
8.2 lines on the same plane that never intersect
10.an angle that equals 90 degrees
12.a triangle with 2 equal sides
13.a quadrilateral with one pair of opposite sides that are parallel
15.a closed 2D geometric figure made of line segments that touch other segments at its endpoints
17.where 2 lines cross
19.figures of the same and shape
22.a cube has 6 of these
23.a 2D representation of a 3D object

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