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Quemistry Crossword Puzzle

Eleazar Guindi/ Ana Sophia Aguirre

Complete the following crossword puzzle with the words from the vocabulary.

1 2 3
  4   5                            
6                     7                    
14         15                
  16 17      

4.Unit of volume occupied by a cube 1 cm on a side.
6.A saturated hydrocarbon fragment that results after the removal of a hydrogen atom from an alkane.
7.Degree of inexactness in a measurment obtained from an instrument.
8.Amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of any substance 1ºC
9.Number written as a superscript indicating thgat a value is multiplied by itself.
11.Process of eliminating digits that are not significant.
13.Numerical value with an attached unit.
14.Organic compound containing only hydrogen and carbon.
19.Compounds with the same molecular formula but with different structural formulas.
20.A direct change of state from a solid to a gas.
21.The methodical exploration of nature and logical explanation of the observation.
22.A tested proposal of a scientific principle that explains the behavior of nature.
23.The branch of science that studies the composition and properties of matter.
24.Pure substances that cannot be broken down by ordinary chemical reactions.
1.Element that is generaly shiny in appearence, has high density, melting point and is good conductor of heat and electricity.
2.basic unit of temperature in the English system.
3.Homogeneous mixture of 2 or more metals.
5.Study of chemical substances derived from plants and animals.
6.A family of compounds that are unsaturated hydrocarbons and have a carbon-carbon double bond.
10.Proposal of a scientific principle that states a relationship under different exponential conditions.
12.A direct change of state from a gas to a solid.
15.The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of water 1ºC
16.The amount of mass in one unit volume of matter.
17.Relationship between a fraction and its inverse.
18.Name the pseudoscience that attempts to convert any metal into gold.

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