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1 2
3         4                    
  5     6   7            
8                     9  
10 11        
12 13                           14  
  15                         16          
  17 18                                  
            22         23            
25                           26        
28               29      

3.This country split because of religious conflict
4.Threatened nuclear war
5.Is a revolutionary wave of demenstrations, protests, and wars occuring in the Arab world
8.Leader of Cuba
12.Leader of Egypt
15.Leader of Libya
18.Mohamed Morsi is a member of this group
22.Name of new Pope elected by the Cardinals
25.Leader of South Korea
26.This country is struggling with poor treatment of women
27.This coutnry is currently struggling a drug war
28.This country struggles with guerilla groups (FARC)
29.U.S. drone approached by this countries fighter
1.Blasts, crashes kill at least 25 in this city in Iraq
2.Leader of Iran
6.Leader of Syria
7.This country has civil uprising occuring, part of Arab Spring
9.Leader of Russia
10.Leader of Nigeria
11.This country is the most populous in Africa and is struggling to battle with Islamist groups
13.North korea was labeled a part of this by Bush. W.
14.Leader of Israel
16.This country has a long history of discord with Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon
17.The plan to embalm the body of this Venezuelan President seems unlikely
19.Leader of North Korea
20.The Palestin Israel conflict deals with conflict over this land
21.Largest Islamic nation in the world
22.Sunni militant groups cause uprisings in this country
23.This country is planning to withdraw troops from Mali in April
24.China disputes over 5 Islands with this country

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