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1.To put the author's words into your own words
7.Language with a hidden meaning; not meant to be interpreted literally (simile, metaphor, etc.)
8.The acronym we used to follow steps when we analyzed a poem. (Used it with "I was a skinny tomboy kid")
9.The type of poetry that tells a story (Fast Break)
14.Author's attitude towards towards topic. This can also be thought of as the _____ of the author's voice.
15.Feelings a piece of literature creates inside the reader
16.Sound words (pop, smack, sizzle)
19.The emotions, feelings attached to a word. House vs. Home
21.When you identify the main idea and key details, you ________ a piece of literature.
22.In a poem, where you notice a change in the author's tone, this is called a ______.
23.Repetition of vowel sounds within words (purple curtain)
24.The author's message to the reader
25.The type of poetry that expresses a speaker's thoughts and feelings (Beware...Don't read this poem)
26.The news hit me like a bulldozer; I just coudn't believe it. (What type of figurative language?)
2.To highlight and make notes on what you're reading
3.Repetition of same sound at the beginning of the words like a tongue twister
4.The grass waved in the breeze sweeping across the lazy field. (What type of figurative language?)
5.The type of verse that does not have to follow a structure or rhyme.(Ex: "I was a skinny tomboy kid")
6.Author's specific word choice used to create a tone
10.Repeating sounds created by a combination of vowel and consonants: June and soon (from "We Real Cool")
11.Using the same word over and over to stress a point
12.The rose Tupac uses in "The Rose that Grew from Concrete" to represent strength and beauty is considered a _______.
13.Created using sensory detail to paint a picture in the reader's mind
17.Repetition of consonant sounds within, or at the end, of words (the little bitty turtle)
18.Poetry is meant to be _______ not read.
20.My life is a rollercoaster filled with up and down drama.(What type of figurative language)
21.Like paragraphs in an essay; these are groups of lines in a poem

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