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California Great way to spend Vacation!

Amber Longeway

Fine the words that are listed. These words of things that either lives in California or about the wondrful state.

Remember have fun and do your best!

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1.About 80 per cent of our planet's fresh water originates in the.
3.They are closely related to Otters, Badgers and Polecats.
7.Are often mistaken for small to medium sized domestic dogs.
8.Are also called decapods.
9.They love to eat insects and worms.
10.The Killer Whale (also known as Orca) is actually a type of.
11.Is the capital of the State of California.
2.The tail may be used to herd and stun small fish, upon which it preys.
4.The largest among birds.
5.Around 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by.
6.Is when you have a GREAT time and have fun!

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