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Digital World

Josh Pyne


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8.The hardware of a compuer that allows it to carry out instructions/tasks.
10.In computing this device is a pointing device that is used to select items, thjis devices works on a two dimenisonal motion relative to its supporting surface
11.wirless internet
1.an electronic display that allows users to see what the computer is doing.
2.is a one piece mobile computer, these devices mostly offer toucher screen with stylus or fingers. This device can also be seen as a larger smartphone although calls cannot be made on most of these devies
3.In computing, this device is a computer device that operates or controls a particular type of device that is attached to a computer
4.Is a starchy tuberous crop.
5.A device that captures pictures and records videos through a electronic image sensor
6.A electronic typewriter like device that can be used to give a computer commands and its usual input is a computer
7.3rd gteneration of mobile telecommunications
9.Built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced and computing capability connectivity than a feature phone.also its multifunctional and can use 3G, 4G can take pictures and record videos and can store applications,music and media.

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