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Civil War Crossword #1

Mr. Castillo

Spell out numbers. Do not use spaces or grammar marks.

1         2
  3 4
5 6                

1.1831, Nat _______'s rebellion led southerners to tighten restrictions on slaves
6.the act of withdrawing from an organization
7.a person who flees or tries to escape
9.Most Northern state, free state in 1820
10.1819 state applied as a slave state
11.James of New York "MO can enter but only as a free state"
2.the house in which anti-slavery/northern votes are greater
3.the __6' 30 line divided the MO Comp
4.Slave and anti-slave votes equal in this house
5.this rule 'choked' and forbade all slavery talk in Congress
8.The US under one government

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