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World History: Societies of the Past (Rome 168-171) Name: __________ ( /22)

H. Adams

2   3
      5 6    
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  16                       17
18   19 20            

4.Germanic tribe
5.centre of the Roman empire
9.Attila thought that this pope had supernatural powers
11.the Germanic tribes didn't have written laws but they had a strict code of contact based on this
12.one symptom of lead poisoning
13.as impotant a river to Rome as the Nile was to Egypt
14.number of emperors who were in power from 235CE to 284CE
16.Latin legal term that means, "Let the buyer beware!"
20.Latin legal term that means to do legal work for free (still in use today).
21.Germanic tribe
22.payment for wrongdoing, such as a robbery
1.adjective used to describe the Huns who swept into Europe from central Asia
2.Jupiter to the Germanic tribes
3.ne symptom of lead poisoning
6.Germanic leader proclaimed emperor of Rome in 476CE
7.a traditonal Roman ideal
8.kind of columns, found in Gerasa, Jordan one symptom of lead poisoning
10.one symptom of lead poisoning
15.a traditional Roman ideal
17.Germanic tribe
18.Mars to the Germanic tribes
19.god of thunder to the Germanic tribes

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