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Spelling 15H

Kevin Yao

Words 11-20, 1-5

1 2   3            
  8           9 10

2.adj. odd, peculiar, irregular, erratic ( generally refers to character or practices)
4.n. an amount of change, a different form of something
6.n. a reckless adventure, an escape
7.v. to decide upon
8.n. a temporary military encampment
11.n. job or occupation
12.v. to anger, to incite or induce
13.v. to take back or cancel, rescind
1.n. or adj. at the end of something, beyond hope (as in terminal illness);the end part of a structure, a large station (such as for trains or busses)
3.n. a face to face meeting, a conflict
4.v. to speak out loud, to give voice to
5.n. an area of land (tract, region, or district)
9.n. a messenger, or a means of sending news or messages
10.n. or v. a temporary stay; to stay temporarily
11.n. a person with no permanent home; adj. not fixed or settled

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