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Year 9 Spring Crossword

Mr Moore

Use the revision books to help you find the answers to this crossword.

See how many you can get without using the book!

1             2
  5       6
8           9       10      
11     12                  
13               14                 15
  16 17         18    
20                 21              

1.What prssure is measured in
7.Type of POTENTIAL energy that hang gliders have
8.Type of circuit with components on different branches
10.A component in a circuit that converts electrical energy to light
11.What do people do to trees that prevents them from making more Oxygen
13.The measure of electricity with the symbol I
14.What is the science word for burning
17.What is the thing a lever turns AROUND?
20.The word to describe a material that allows electricity to pass through it
21.The measure of electricity with the symbol V
22.Type of energy created by a trumpet
1.What is large when surface area is small, but small when surface area is large?
2.What process happens to Iron when it is left exposed to Oxygen and Water
3.Type of circuit with all the components on one branch
4.What is the fossil fuel that is solid
5.When you have MORE THAN ONE battery
6.What is the major greenhouse gas
9.What do we make/generate everyday that is causing so much CO2
12.What is the fossil fuel that is liquid
13.Type of POTENTIAL energy that powers cars
15.The unit of force (The unit of temperacture is degrees)
16.What environmental effect is causd by cars & lorries burning petrol
18.Type of energy that is WASTED in a ceiling light
19.The science word for 'Turning Force'

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