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Restless Earth

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2.Massive wave that may follow an earthquake
3.One of two magnetic metals found in the Earth's core.
6.Tectonic plates move by a few of these very year
8.Molten rock under the surface of the Earth
10.Deadly, fast-moving cloud of hot gas that may follow a volcanic eruption
11.Supercontinent which broke up to form the continents we have today
12.German meterologist who put forward theory of continental drift
14.Mountain range formed when India crashed into Asia
15.Volcanic island in the Pacific that blew itself out of existence in 1883
1.Movement of mantle caused by circulation of hot rock and cooler, denser rock
2.One of several large pieces making up the Earth's crust and upper mantle.
4.Where two tectonic plates meet
5.Layer of gases surrounding the Earth
7.Type of reaction in the Earth's core generating intense heat
9.Volcano that destroyed Pompeii in 79AD
13.Molten rock above the surface of the Earth

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