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Impulse Buyer pages 78-79

Conversation Class 03/21/2013

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  8         9          
11           12                     13
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1.This cell comes with a ___ warranty.
3.I asked for a ___ ___ because the blender was sold out.
6.The first item is more expensive to ___ the ___ of the free item.
8.The teacher was ___ that the students were cheating.
10.Major ___ are more expensive.
11.The #1 ___ of the airport is no weapons.
12.All of the ___ on this shelf is 50% off.
16.I got ___ ___ when I returned the sweater.
17.This recession was not ___ for many businesses.
20.I bought a used table at a ___ store.
22.This coupon is ___, so you can use it again.
23.There is a ___ ___ of 90 days to return or exchange.
25.___ in ___ that we have Spring Break in April.
2.I am an ___ buyer at a very good sale.
4.TJ Maxx is a ___ shop.
5.The sale items were ___ of ___ because people bought them.
7.Wear your seatbelt or you could ___ ___ with a ticket.
9.The salesman was friendly because he makes ___.
13.This coupon is ___ until next month.
14.I bought a service ___ for my new refrigerator.
15.We ate an ___ before our entrees.
18.I bought an ___ warranty for 5 years for my TV.
19.I can buy ___ ___ at Costco.
21.You must have the ___ to get a refund.
24.I gave my new neighbor some ___ about the city.

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