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Executive Branch

American Government

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2.A nation's plans and procedures for dealing with other nations
4.The act of turning functions previously performed by government over to the private sector.
8.A body of representatives from the 50 states and District of Columbia who officially elect the president and vice president of the United States.
11.An election in which voters choose from among candidates running for federal, state or local elective office
16.The practice of government official awarding public jobs and public contracts to political supporters rather than awarding them on the
17.Became President without be elected
18.A rule or regulation issued by the president.
19.An agreement between the president and the heads of other nations.
20.The order in which the vice president or other designated official becomes president of the United States should the office become vacant.
21.Limits the president to 2 terms or a maximum of 10 years service.
1.Located in Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution
3.An election to choose a political party's candidates for an elective office
5.Enforces/ "carries out" the law's
6.An independent agency that manages a nonprofit business.
7.As assembly of political party members gathered to perform some official duty.
9.The principle that the executive branch may withhold information from congress and the courts to preserve national security.
10.A system for hiring government workers based on demonstrated qualification and competitive examination
12.Influential in suggesting and shaping legislation
13.Formal process in which is getting President out of office
14.A personal assistant or administrative assistant.
15.Youngest to serve as President

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