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All About Me

Mr. Smith's 1st Grade English class

These are words from the first week of class

6         7  
8   9 10
11 12                
13         14    
15         16              
17 18    

2.your interest
4.the female family member whose age is similar to yours
5.Mr. Smith's favorite color
6.the male family member whose age is similar to yours
12.we have to write this once a week
13.the woman who gave birth to you
15.the state in America where Mr. Smith is from
16.we have to do this to exercise our brain
19.the country where Mr. Smith is from
20.the meal we eat at school
1.we have to sit in these
3.the meal we eat after we leave school
7.the language you are learning
8.the country you live in right now
9.the big building that you go to Monday through Friday
10.the food we eat before we come to school
11.our class theme, a sort of rule
14.if we have this, we can raise our hand
17.the nice guy who helps you out
18.the color of our classroom's door

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