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Science Chapter 4 & 5

Daniel Coudrain Section 7-3

1 2       3
5                   6            
8             9     10  
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15                                   16  
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  20                       21   22       23
    24 25              

1.the rounded base of the pistil is called the _____
4.is a seed leaf found inside a seed
5.Tree's such as the maple tree are ______ lose all there leaves same time each year
6.Growth in response stimulus is called ____
8.just above the petal is a circle of ______
12.the effect of _________ is demonstrated by the plant
15.Have no pipes or plumbing (2 WORDS)
18.______ Tree's have leaves that can adapted to survive throughout the year
20.a change in growth caused by light
21.in the center of the flower is one are more ______
25.Tiny structures that can be transported by the wind are animals
26.Transports water and minerals through the plant
27.the transfer of pollen is called
2.Have Pipes (2 WORDS)
3.Converts the energy stored into food (2 WORDS)
6.the loss of water from leaves are called
7.The spore producing stage of plants
9.The tip of the pistils is called the _____
10.Nonflowering Plants are called
11.Most Ferns have an underground stem called
13.Flowering plants are called
14.The stage that plants produce egg cells and sperm cells
16.Means Inactive
17.Hairlike threads of cells are called
19.a green pigment, that absorbs sunlight
22.makes up the bottom ring of the flower part
23.is an opening in the leaf
24.are broad, flat and thin
25.Transports sugar molecules though the plant

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