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Gene Regulation

Evan Langille- AP 13

1     2           3
6   7 8    
9                     10        

1.loss of a gene, causing the cell to malfunction or die/on/off
5.genetic changes,usually permanent, Cause could be UV/on/off
9.incerases supercoiling of DNA/vol
11.allows transcription to proceed, dissociate the DNA/on/off
12.binds only important information in a new chain of DNA/on/off
13.impede on the cleavage of mRNA ends/on/off
2.enhances he efficiency of transcription/vol
3.Controls the simulation of specific genes/Volume
4.enhances the interactions of RNA enzymes and promoters/Volume
6.long term version of phosphorylation, supercoiling of DNA/on/off
7.time it takes for a breakdown of protein/on/off
8.amplifies the signal/vol
10.gene position change within a genome/on/off
12.controls rate of translation of mRNA/vol

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