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2013 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Team Crossword

Cypress Oury

Canyou t allof the teams in the round of thirty two in this crossword puzzle? Good luck!

1 2   3   4
    5 6                
7     8              
9               10  
    11 12                    
13                 14   15  
17           18                    
21     22             23
  25                     26  

2.Who is the most hated team in college basketball?
6.The backwards spelling of this team's name is: Nothgierc.
8.Which state is Indianapolis in?
9.Which state is Phoenix in?
12.Whcih city is the Gateway Arch that is on theintersection of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in?
13.Which state is thesunniest, swampiest, and weetest state in the United States. Hint: It's capital is Talahassee.
17.Which state is Raliegh in?
19.Another way of saying Mississippi.
20.The village of King Luois.
22.Which state is Chicago in?
24.The state of Michigan's state university.
25.The state of Ohio's state university.
27.A famous French explorer.
28.The city of San Diego's state university.
29.Which city is the famous glass pyramid of America and Elvis Presley's birthplace in?
1.This city's name spelled backwards is Imaim.
3.Which state 's capital is Topeka?
4.The state of Iowa's state university.
5.Their macot (Zags) are in their teams name. Take the a's out of this word and you get Gonzg.
7.Which state is Las Angeles in?
10.A university inFlorida dedicated to Florida's west coast.
11.Which Ivy League school is the rival of Yale University?
14.What is another name for a place of worship?
15.Which state is Detroit in?
16.Wich Ita State?
18.The state of Colorado's state university.
21.What is the acronym of the Virginia Commonwealth University?
23.This school is in a town in New York and it's namespeeled backwars is: Esucrays.
24.Which state has over one thousand lakes?
26.Which state is Portland in?

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