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The New World


2                             3
6   7            
    8                 9          
    13               14    
15 16      

2.The first leader of the Jamestown Colony (3 words)
4.The place where the Pilgrims settled
5.Building used for protection from attack; fort
7.Product that the colonists exported to Europe
8.A group that makes laws for a larger group
10.A number greater than half of the number of people or things
12.Person who is elected by the people and given power to act for them
13.Government in which the power is held by the people
17.A large farm or piece of land that grows huge amounts of a certain crop
18.the place where one is going
1.Set of laws voted on by the majority of the Pilgrims (2 words)
3.The general assemly in Virginia was known as the __________.(3 words)
6.The person chosen as leader of thePilgrims (2 words)
9.Certificate bought from a stock company that represents a certain part of ownership of the company
11.A company that is owned by the people who own the company's stock (2 words)
14.Person who lends money to a company in hopes of getting more money back when the company makes money
15.Person who is chosen to lead a group of people within a given area, such as a colony or a state
16.Another name for the religious group called Separatists

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