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2       3    
4     5 6 7        
9     10             11         12
  13             14    
15       16 17       18      
19 20         21 22  
          23 24      
25           26       27        
29               30                  
31     32                        
34     35 36        
37   38                  
39   40   41 42          
    43                   44              
45                     46                
47         48               49   50       51
  52                 53
    54 55         56      

2.Favorite snack
7.Girls name idea
10.City of my team
11.Black people
13.Bad dreams, sort of
14.Cuddle and snuggle
17.Favorite beach game
20.Change them once a day
24.Our allergy
25.Just haven't met you yet
26.Favorite saint for novenas
29.Gonna get a million dollars from these
30.First place we hung out
32.3 days idea to keep busy (2 Words)
38.Nose held up high in the air
39.Gaga bird
43.Argue and make up spot (2 Words)
44.Plug your nose when she is cooking
45.First night of magic (2 Words)
46.My temperament
47.Everyday drink
48.Out of town
49.Tommy's wife
54.Youuu like dis guurl, Father
56.Lent once a day
57.Pasta man
1.5 cups a day for me
3.Your in-laws
4.Your worst pet
5.Use this to wash dinner down
6.Julianna Bumb
7.Stupid, fat doctor (2 Words)
9.First kiss
12.Maggie to you
16.Caddys name
18.A must have for our kitchen
19.Honeymoon spot
21.Strawberry is our favorite
22.Sport I used to do
23.One pin Paul
27.Mr. and Miss. (3 Words)
28.3 Hail Marys advice giver
33.Dirt to me, SIL to you
34."I want Pauu to come"
35.God son
37.Chubby wubby niece
40.My nose is a pathetic one
41.Your dream to have
42.Oh yeaaaaaaaah;) (2 Words)
47.Favorite person to imitate
50.Late night dinner
51.Everyday lunch
53.Never can have enough of this food additive
55.Your temperament

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