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4.What is the land inbettewn two enemy trenchs?
7.Wicth country ballied in the middle of the war?
8.What ws the first battle in WW1?
13.To pass the time men will ____ lice in the trenchs.
14.What was the first chemical wepon ever used in Battle?
15.Where do men go on there off time?
16.What contrey in the big three hated germany?
17.What year did the US join the war?
1.What type of posters did the goverment make to inprove inlistment?
2.What animal was in the trenchs?
3.Who is the leader of germany in ww1?
5.What is the phase you say when you have to go fight?
6.The trenchs would have rows of _____ wire infront of them.
9.When it rained it was__________ in the trenchs?
10.At the end of the war _________ was in dept and payed the most of all countrys in to the war effort.
11.What can women do over sea's?
12.What was one of the biggest bttles in WW1?
18.What year did the war start?

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