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Emily Hodge

1 2     3    
4       5      
    6   7
10                         11  
  12     13                
21     22                  

2.The bestfriend of Sherri
4.Ponyboy's favorite brother
8.the name of the other gang that hung in alleyways by the train tracks
10.the name of Sodapop's horse
12.The town where Johnny and Ponyboy hid out after they killed someone
15.where Dally brought Johnny and Ponyboy for something to eat
16.Johnny carried a six-inch one, that he used to kill a Social
17.the book that Ponyboy always wanted to read
20.the place the Johnny and Ponyboy ran away to
22.the nickname for Johnny Cade
23.what the gang calls cigarettes
24.Ponyboy's favorite drink and addiction
1.where Ponyboy always wanted to move to
3.real name Sherri, girlfriend of Bob
5.the main charcater of the book, who is the brother of Darry and Sodapop
6.the gang Johnny, Ponyboy, Darry, Sodapop, Dally, Two-Bit, and Steve were in
7.A rodeo rider who threw a party the night Johnny killed the Social
9.the event that was happening at the movie theater
11.the food that Johnny and Ponyboy were stuck eating
13.the name of the movie theater, where Johnny and Ponyboy met Sherri and her friend
14.the member of the gang who supplied Johnny and Ponyboy with a gun, money and a hide-out
18.a type of gun that is carried by Dally
19.the one and only thing greasers had to be proud of
21.the main enemy of the greasers

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