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Russian Revolution

No spaces between words

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  6 7                      
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  17             18  

7.the czar who was overthrown in the Russian Revolution (2 Words)
8.Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition (2 Words)
10.Temporary government established after the March Revolution. The decision to remain in World War I will cause further protests and lead to Bolshevik Revolution. (2 Words)
12.The slogan of the Bolsheviks during the November Revolution. (3 Words)
14.A group of Russian people who believed in the ideas of Karl Marx.
15.Local peoples governing council
16.Forced Russian labour camps
17.Communist army formed by the Bolsheviks. (2 Words)
19.the founder of Communism (2 Words)
20.authoritarian political system in which a government owns land, resources, and means of production and makes all economic decisions.
1.Treaty between Germany and the USSR. Forced the USSR out of the war and gave Germany most of the western Soviet Union. (4 Words)
2.Wealthy farmers, who opposed collectivization. They faced mass starvation and deportation to Siberia.
3.a cause of the Russian Revolution when the Czar had innocent demonstrators shot (2 Words)
4.One of a series of plans instituted by Stalin to build industry and increase farm output in the former Soviet Union (3 Words)
5.Fighting force that was against the Bolsheviks. (2 Words)
6.Advisor Monk to the Czarina Alexandra, with a liking for prostitutes and cheap wine
9.One big farm in which peasants work together. (2 Words)
11.a leader in the Bolshevik Party who became Stalin's chief political rival. (2 Words)
12.Gathering of people who opposed Stalin. People were either killed or sent to forced labour camps.
13.The struggle for control of Russia, after the November Revolution. A war between the Red army and the White Army. (2 Words)
18.Russian legislative house in which members are elected by total population

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