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Calcium for Your Health

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1.One of every _____ women will develop osteoporosis during their lifetime
4.Calcium may help lower ______ _________
8.Women can meet their calcium requirements by drinking ______ 8 oz glasses of milk daily
10.Absorption of calcium from foods is highest in infants & young _____________ who need large amounts to build bones
11.Food group that is the best source of calcium
13.Weight bearing exercises such as ______________ improve bone strength
17.Calcium ____________ can help protect your bones
18.____________ is a good food source of vitamin D
20.Low levels of _________ in women after menopause cause loss of bone
22.Calcium needs _____________ to be absorbed
24.By the age of _________, most women have developed their peak bone mass
25.High ___________ intake increases loss of calcium
26.A fruit that is a good source of calcium
1.99% of the body's calcium is stored in bones and _________
2.A vegetable that is rich in calcium
3.Bone is lost after ________________
5.A disease of fragile bones
6.A great exercise is ___________ but it doesn't help preserve bones because it is non-weight bearing
7.Calcium supplements can help but it is best if calcium comes from __________
9.Calcium helps this large muscle contract
12.A lot of new bone is being formed during ___________ years
14.____________ is a good non-food source of vitamin D
15.Calcium is the most abundant __________ in the body
16.Osteoporosis is a ___________ disease
19.A women who is ___________ has a greater risk for osteoporosis than one who is heavy
21.Canned fish with ____________ is an excellent source of calcium
23.A nut that is rich in calcium

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