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MIddle East

Shelby Harmon

1               2     3
4       5      
6 7    
8             9          
10               11  
14               15       16

1.The belief in one god
4.Started all three western religions
8.Activities not religion based
9.Religion of the muslims, revealved through mohammad
10.Safe to drink
12.When salt builds up in the ground or in water
13.The oldest of three western religions. Star of david, torah religion of the jews.
14.Islamic prophet
15.Believed to be the son of God by Christians, prophet
17.Organization of petroleum exporting countries
18.A dry climate with little or no rain
2.A sect of islam. believed the caliph should be hereditary
3.Based of the teachings of Jesus, cross, bible
5.The mass murder of many Jewish people
6.Divisions in a religion. suuni and the shia
7.People of palestine
11.Oil in the ground that is not being used
14.People who are part of the religion Islam
16.A sect of islam. believed the caliph should be elected from those able

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