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Climate Deception

2 3 4        
  8 9 10        
12     13           14
15       16   17 18                
19                   20
21               22            

1.Misrepresentation of German lady comes to a dead end. (5)
4.Outstanding models generated on this spreadsheet. (5)
5.Al Gore says he's one - he sure makes one! (7)
7.Lords of climate receive favourable comment from their own. (4,6)
10.How warmists lie. (5)
11.Deep Throat advised forensic accounting. (6,3,5)
12.How climate scientist is about his data, a peerless copy. (3)
13.Teach falsely (5)
15.Activist website manages inconvenient questions. (5)
17.Journo reports political dogma, not facts. He sounds like a true goose! (10)
19.Researcher ducks physical evidence in favour of climate model. (8)
21.Data where the decline is hidden. (7)
22.Meteoroligst slyly switches data. Blacksmith's work, maybe? (7)
23.Position readily adopted by prostitutes and alarmists. (5)
24.Mislead with no right to receive. (7)
25.Jelly desert makes an exotic workplace. (6)
1.Taxpayers who had wool pulled over their eyes (7)
2.Cause should be Noble, but isn't. (5)
3.Store that sells any image you want. (9)
6.He's hardly human, but of many parts. (8,3)
8.Type of reporting for the choosy and dishonest. (9)
9.In short, Albert's book is amongst the Faithful. (3)
12.The Greek gentleman is a cheat. (3)
14.Professor? A lot of money for twopenny feral. (8)
16.Lubricant for limbless reptiles? (5,3)
18.Science which is settled - the "High Priest" said! (8)
20.A climate scientist who agrees with all the rest. (4)

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