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Civil War Technology

Michael Stoll

The coolest thing in a history project, ever.

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1.Tougher than wood but how does it float?
6.Founded the United States Balloon Corps, and worked with Joseph Henry on a trans-Atlantic hot air balloon voyage, which fell through because of the war brewing. (2 Words)
9.Main reason for improved sanitation of hospitals during Civil War and, consequently, today. (2 Words)
13.Inside the barrel of this accurate, quick to reload weapon were spiral-shaped grooves designed to increase accuracy three-fold. (2 Words)
15.The deadly Minie Ball was cast from this material.
17.Dynamic new machine, capturing the Civil War using real images.
18.A faster, more accurate form of ammunition than the musket ball. (2 Words)
19.Stealthy, underwater deathtraps that torpedoed the massive Ironclads.
20.When you're in a battle, and need caffeine fast, where do you turn? (2 Words)
2.This was invented by Eli Whitney in an attempt to reduce slavery, and separated the seeds from the fiber in cotton. (2 Words)
3.Utilized an electric current to transmit messages almost instantaneously across the world.
4.Nickname for the Civil War due to the use of cutting edge technology (for the time) and new innovations made due to it. (4 Words)
5.Invented the Electromechanical Relay, discovered self induction, and pioneered in electromagnetism in the 19th Century, he was considered to be the scientist of the century. (2 Words)
7.This devastating new weapon was many times faster than normal guns, also, it used a 'chain.' (2 Words)
8.The use of cork or another "plastic" to reconstruct parts of the body thought up by Gurdon Buck in the 1860's to reconstruct an injured soldier from Maryland's face. (2 Words)
10.French Engineer and co-inventor of the Minie Ball (2 Words)
11.These allowed soldiers to observe enemy troops positions and warn their own. (3 Words)
12.Easier to transport, not to mention longer-lasting than fresh food. (2 Words)
14.A kind of machine gun on wheels, which was devastating when used, which was not that common an occurrence. (2 Words)
16.These were used extensively across the United States (and Confederate States) to transport men, horses, equipment, and food quickly and efficiently throughout the Civil War, with about two-thirds in the North.

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