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2   3
4 5        
  7 8                    
    10             11    
13             14          
15 16                

5.Electrons in the ETC run this to help H+ ions get inside the thylakoid
6.Where photosynthesis gets the electron from
7.Where respiration takes place in animal cells
9.CO2 and H20 are the products of what process
10.The breakdown of glucose
12.This light _______ phase of photosynthesis uses H20 as a reactant.
13.The product of photosynthesis
14.The type of acid created in humans by fermentation
15.Things that are used to create products, in photosynthesis they are H20 and CO2
17.The cycle that belongs to respiration
1.Respiration without Oxygen
2.One of the energy carrying molecules
3.The cycle that produces Glucose
4.Where the ETC is located in photosynthesis
8.Photosystem I is also referred to as the light _______ phase of photosynthesis
11.This ATP _________ creates ATP when an H+ ion diffuses through it.
16.This part of photosynthesis and respiration makes ATP

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