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Red Scarf Girl

Ji-Li Jiang/ Jenny Russmann

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1.The red scarf represented the red guards and the ______
4.In which big event was Ji-Li born in?
7.The story take place during the ______ Revolution
8.old habits, old customs, old culture, old ideas were the _____
11.What religion does Ji-Li's grandma have?
15.Name of Ji-Li's sister
17.Who told the class of Ji-Li's bad class history?
18.Chairman Mao was a ______
19.Who is Little White?
20.Where does Ji-Li Jiang come from?
21.Name of Ji-Li's brother
2.The center Ji-Li's dad goes to
3.Guards of the revolution
5.Which city does Ji-Li live in?
6.Name of the chairman
9.Name of big posters with writing on them
10.Ji-Li's bestfriend
12.Name of author
13.Ji-Li's grandpa was a
14.Ji-Li's name means beautiful and ______
16.How old was Ji-Li Jiang in the story?

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