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hard and easy

Abby Dobson

this about hard and easy words l come across

1 2       3
10 11 12                 13
14             15    
  16     17       18      
20 21                    
22                 23  
24         25               26

1.a movie .....
4.you have a a person you came form
5.it fly's in the air
7.someone doesn't talk to you
8.they came form your mum
12.you are something to your mum and dad
14.we live in them
15.you have someone who cares for you
16.when someone comes to australia
18.when you do a great trick everand they all say .......
21.to take a number away form the other
22.a different word for happy
24.you get paper form
25.other word for pretty
27.they came form your mum too
2.they give a word then a....
3.a maths.....
6.somthing that you are having fun with
9.when you leave someone out
10.a playful animal and chases balls
11.you are one
13.to add a number to a different one
17.you are not pretty
19.were aussies live
20.when you do something have never done before in your life and people are .....
23.some where people get away form the city
26.when something is funny people ....

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