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The Boston Massacre

Stephanie Shaw

2 3              
5                   6
11     12    

3.The people sent to keep order in Boston.
5.A thin strip of land connecting Boston to the mainland. (2 Words)
7.Gun the soldiers used in the massacre.
9.An artist who engraved a depiction of this event for Anti-British propaganda. (2 Words)
10.A settler/inhabitant of a colony.
11.The town this event took place in.
1.These imposed new import taxes on paper, glass, paint and tea. Passed in 1767. (2 Words)
2.Biased information used to promote or publicize a particular point of view.
4.Required Americans to purchase stamps for things. Passed in 1765. (2 Words)
6.The act of killing a number of usually helpless human beings.
8.The country that imposed the various taxes.
12.A sum of money demanded by a government for specific facilities or services.

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