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The Most Dangerous Game

Ashton Price

The most Dangerous Game puzzle

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6.Very complicated or detailed.
7.A place where game is protected and kept for private shooting.
8.An unroofed area that is mostly or completely surrounded by walls of a large building.
9.This animal cracked General Zaroff's skull.
13.Type of pit that kills one of the bloodhounds. (3 Words)
14.Was the weapon that killed Lazarus (2 Words)
17.Where Rainsford kills the first hound. (2 Words)
18.The name of the island where the story takes place.
19.A grotesque carved figure of a human or animal. Was the figure on the door knocker in the book.
1.an animal pursued by a hunter, hound, predatory animal, or a bird of prey.
2.A large French house or castle. This is the type of house General Zaroff had.
3.Was Rainsfords first type of trap against General Zaroff. (3 Words)
4.Hunted humans on his own island (2 Words)
5.Having or showing a belief of superstitions
9.A large breed of dogs that are used to hunt Rainsford.
10.Loud barks or howls that Rainsford heard from the dogs.
11.Wild or distraught with fear, anxiety, or other emotions.
12.A person who eats the flesh of another person
15.Was a deaf servant of General Zaroff.
16.Something that appears real or possible, but is not. Rainsford thought that General Zaroff's house was this.

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