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1 2
3 4               5           6  
      9               10   11  
13             14                        
16   17    
18             19           20
22           23 24                
    25             26     27    
  30 31             32      
35 36   37      

4.This man gave the longest speech and served thirty-two days
5.This president was inaugurated by former president, Taft
8.This president assumed office after Garfield
9.Who was the first president to be a fluent speaker in the languages: English, Latin, French and Greek
13.This president was the first to be inaugurated on an airplane
14.This president was elected 4 times
15.Who gave the shortest inaugural speech
18.Before his presidency, he was arrested for running over a woman
19.In this man's autobiography, he forgot to mention his wife
22.This was the 41st president
24.This president traveled undercover to his inauguration
25.This was the twelfth president and served in the Mexican War
26.This was the 39th president
29.This president was so scared of electric lights that White House staff turned lights off an on
30.This president was killed by Leon Czolgosz
32.This was the heaviest president and inaugurated the 30th president
33.This president was also the father of the sixth president
34.This president was put on trial for impeachment due to the Reconstruction Era
35.This man killed a man in a duel after a cruel remark
38.This was the 44th president
39.This was the nineteenth president
40.This man was the tenth president
1.This was the thirteenth president
2.This president was shot during his campaigning
3.This is the only president that was never really elected
4.This president was told to make millions of bronze statues of his dog
6.This president was killed by Charles Guiteau
7.This president served two non-consecutive terms
10.This president resigned after the Watergate Scandal
11.This president has served in both WWI and WWII
12.This president was the 31st
16.This was the twenty-eighth president
17.This president saved seventy-seven lives when he was a lifeguard
19.This was the only president who'd never married
20.This is the fifth president
21.This president's wife acted as the president's unpaid secretary
22.This was the 43rd president
23.This president was fined for speeding on his horse
27.This president has an initial that stands for nothing
28.This president's wife saved valuable paintings from the White House
31.This is the only president on MTV
36.Son of former president, this president was the sixth president
37.Poet, Robert Frost, attended this president's inauguration

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