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Ch 10 Vocabulary Crossword

Mrs. Sult

1         2                          
    3 4       5      
8                     9            

1.trade between different countries
4.not enough of something to meet people's needs or wants
6.to do one job or make one part of a product
8.can be replaced in a short amount of time
10.the buying or selling of goods or services
11.a person who makes a product or provides a service
12.when people depend on each other
13.trade in which people choose what to produce and what to buy
1.to bring products and resources into a country from another country
2.cannot be replaced after it is used
3.a machine, tool, or building used to produce goods or services
5.the sharing of information or news
7.a person who makes products
9.to send products and resources from one country to another

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