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Chapter 15 -17

Late Adulthood

1 2                   3
  4                 5
  9                                   10
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30                               31                  

2.neurologiacl definition of death. All electrical activity of brain has ceased
4.inflamation in the joints accomapnied by stiffness and movement problems
6.program commited to making end of life as free from pain as possible
7.chronic,progressive disease characterized by muscle tremors
9.death induced deliberately as by injection of a legal drug
11.outlive men by 5 years
14.Integrity vs Despair
16.grief that involves enduring despair and is unresolved over a period of time
17.maximum number of years a person can live. Approximately 120-125
19.prejudice against other people because of age
23.disease that involves the deterioration of the macular of the retina
30.memory of facts/experiences that individuals consciously know & can state
31.act of painlessly ending the life of a person suffering from a terminal illness
32.damage to optic nerve b/c of pressure created and fluid build up in the eye
1.physical and/or emotional caretaking for older members of the family
3.aging in the body's hormonal system can lower resistance to stress
5.withholding of available treatments/devices and allowing person to die
8.person's general knowledge about the world; general,academic,expertise
12.maximum number of times the human cell can divide is about 75-80
13.emotional numbness,,despair that accomapnuies the loss of a loved one
15.retention of information about the where and when of life happenings
18.number of years the average person born in a particular year will live
20.drops 40% between 20 and 80 years of age
21.memory w/o conscious recollection.Involves tasks automatically done
22.involves reducing pain and suffering and helping person die with dignity
24.leading cause of death
25.extensive loss of bone tissue
26.irreversible brain disorder characterized by deterioration of memory
27.primary symptoms involve deterioration of mental functioning
28.loses its volume and weight
29.expert knowledge that permits excellent judgement about important matters

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