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  4   5   6
7   8         9 10        
  11 12          
  14 15          
    16   17
18                     19
      20   21    
      22             23     24
    27                   28  
29               30      
32         33            
  34   35    

3.Short for material safety data sheet
4.Fedral housing agency
7.No visible emision rule
10.Short term effect
11.Middle room of decon
13.Soft gray metal
15.OSHA requires ______ training
18.Tests for the presence of Pb
22.Long term effects
23.Protection factor of 1000
27.Breathing protection
29.4:1 is its ratio
30.Protects environment
31.Deepest part of lung
32.To make less of
36.Not designed to continue to occupy
1.Least acceptible method to check for presence of lead paint
2.To breath in
5.Short for Missouri's lead inforcement department
6.Correct filter for respirator
8.One use of Pb in Roman times
9.Years a state license is good for
12.Not allowed to be used in Kansas
14.= one millionth of a meter
16.Amount of Pb stored in the body
17.Used to determine if it is hazardous waste
19.Just a couple of drops of blood will do
20.Preferred testing method for Pb
21.30 micrograms per cubic meter of air
24.Best removal method
25.to swallow
26.50 Micrograms in the air
28.Protection factor of 10
33.Short for medical removal protection
34.Clearance test method
35.protects workers

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