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3.Part of the organizational system of the computer disk, folders are sleeves that can contain files or other folders.
4.is a graphical representation of an object.
8.a collection of data referred to by a given name.
10.is an icon that represents a tool or command
11.is the process of reorganizing the files on a disk to make the disk more efficient.
13.Random Access Memory
17.is a program that runs on the computer.
18.is a device for connecting to other computers via phone lines.
1.key on the keyboard is most often used to delete data to the left of the insertion point.
2.is a shortcut button, usually shown on a bar near the top of a window, that provides quick access to a commonly used command.
3.is the action of rotating or flipping an object either horizontally, vertically, left, or right.
5.CD-ROM stands for Compact Disc-Read Only Memory
6.is a group of computers, printers, and other devices that are interconnected and work together.
7.is any file that can be produced by an application and reopened, modified, saved, and closed.
9.is the process of running more than one application or activity at a time.
12.is the graphic or background design visible on your Desktop.
14.is a small application used for creating, modifying, and viewing graphics.
15.is the device used to view the active application or file. It can be minimized, maximized, resized, or moved.
16.is a command that stores a file or changes to a file onto a disk.

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