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Weather and Atmosphere Basics Review

R. Hulsman

This helps middle school students review key terms and concepts for a beginning study of meteorology.

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1.at sea level this results in a force equal to approximately 150 kg of atmospheric gases pushing down on a person's head (2 Words)
3.describes weather conditions that are likely in the future
7.the properties of air that affect weather (2 Words)
9.Earth's atmosphere and Earth's oceans are similar in that they both consist of ______________
13.at approximately 0.93% and 0.000009% respectively, two permanent atmospheric gases with very small volumes (3 Words)
14.you must face into the wind to use this correctly
15.common name for the mixture of Earth's atmospheric gases
16.this layer contains almost no moisture or dust
18.a tool to measure relative humidity
20.the thickness of this layer depends on the season and location on Earth
22.this is a fast-flowing river of wind found in the region where the bottom two layers of Earth's atmosphere meet (two words) (2 Words)
27.where atoms and molecules of the atmosphere escape into space
28.There is no real _________________ between Earth's atmosphere and space
29.what the ancient Greeks called anything that fell from the sky
30.one way in which Earth's atmosphere is different from any of its oceans is that the atmosphere is much _____________ than even the deepest parts of the oceans
2.ozone is considered a pollutant in the lower atmosphere, but it is essential to have in the atmosphere because it protects us from deadly rays of ___________________ __________ (2 Words)
4.the gases that surround the Earth
5.measures temperature
6.layer in which the atmosphere is first heated by the Sun
8.a layer of the atmosphere in which the aurora borealis and the aurora australis form
10.to determine wind direction, stand with a compass facing ___________ the wind
11.methane, ozone, carbon dioxide, and water vapor are all called this because their amounts change in response to activities in the environment (2 Words)
12.the second most abundant gas found in Earth's atmosphere
17.meteors burn up here producing what are called "shooting stars"
19.measures in inches or millibars
21.the type of weather report that is qualitative rather than quantitative
23.any type of weather that is dangerous or causes damage
24.weather forecasts for more than 24 hours in the future are not considered to be very __________________.
25.in most layers of the Earth's atmosphere the relative volume of this substance is approximately 78%
26.The troposphere is the ___________________ atmospheric layer

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