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Viva SME!


More and more words!

1 2     3       4
5               6  
  9           10            
11   12                        
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  20       21      

2.New energy supplies are coming from the ______________ in Canada. (Two words).
5.The ______________ of orangutans is being destroyed. (Living space).
8.We must ____________ malaria as soon as possible.
9.Chemical pollution.
11.A period of one thousand years.
14.A chemical that kills insects.
17.The study of populations.
18.Violent and inhumane treatment of a prisoner.
20.The noun of 'poor'.
22.Inequality. Voter ____________ in Japanese elections is a problem.
1.Money paid by governments to support businesses (often farming).
3.Gambling by banks. (The cause of financial bubbles).
4.A balance between using natural resources and recycling them.
6.The Senkaku Islands is an example of a ____________ dispute.
7.The condition of people with not enough food. They suffer from __________ .
10.Money put into a business for future profit. (To make a good ___________).
11.A person who leaves their home or country to find work.
12.A disease caused by smoking. (Two words).
13.Financial income. (Government ______________ ).
15.Government and business dishonesty.
16.Slavery was ___________ in the US after the Civil War.
19.Tough and handsome. (Like George Clooney??)
21.A violent demonstration.

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