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Mass Movement WHS4S2

Hayden Moody

Mass Movement WHS4S2

5 6                      
  7       8  

2.Glaciers that move over older moraines form the material into elongated landforms are called?
4.This is one of the two type of glaciers. They are formed in high mountain areas.
5.The downslope movement of loose sediments ans weathered rock resulting from the force of gravity is called?
7.This is made up of sand and when it comes together it makes up a big hill.
9.A large moving mass of ice is called a?
1.This is a type of mass movement. Slow, Steady, Downhill flow of loose, weathered Earth materials, especially soils is?
3.Rocks that are shaped by wind-blown sediments.
6.This is another process of erosion. It occurs when particles such as sand rub against the surface of rocks or other materials.
8.Long, winding ridges of layered sediments that are deposited by streams flowing under a melting glacier are called?

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