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World War One Review


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3.This is the name of Wilson's plan to prevent future wars from happening again
6.This term describes the building up of one's military. Leading up to WWI, Germany showed unprecedented military growth
9.This neutral country was invaded early on in the war when Germany was trying to get to the North of France
10.This Act, passed in 1917, set up a draft. Before getting drafted, millions of men volunteered for the military anyway.
13.This is a derogatory French term for Germans
15.This country was secretly promised land by the British at the onset of war, but at peace negotiations was denied this land causing lots of anger and embarassment amongst its people
17.This barabaric term was meant to conjure up images of hostile conquerers when the Germans were thought of.
22.The German word for King
26.The term for sensationalized news stories that stirred up public opinion for the war
27.The main type of warfare WWI consisted of
29.This President wins the Noble Peace Prize for founding the League of Nations
30.The agreements Germany ended up breaking that said they would warn ships before they fired upon them
32.The name of the British Passenger Ship that German u-boats sunk
33.This General became a hero after his troops stopped the German advance 50 miles outside of Paris
34.These were sold on the homefront to help fund the war
35.This country switched from an Allied Power to a Central Power because it's government got overthrown and virtually dropped out of the fighting.
36.Chemical warfare agent used for the first time in WWI
37.The act the Ottoman Empire carried out against the Armenians when they admitted defeat and blamed Armenia for disloyalty
1.A country deciding it's own future and establishing it's own rules.
2.Place where the treaty to end WWI was drafted
4.Any speech that could incite rebellion or was anti-government. It became a crime during the war.
5.Secret telegraph intercepted by British that was sent by the German foreign minister to Mexico stating if they allied with Germany, they would get back Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona from the US at the end of war.
7.When one country tries to take over and dominate smaller less powerful countries (colonizes them)
8.This cause of WWI also contributed to WWII as nations like Germany and Italy rallied their country-men around the idea of supremecy of their way of life
11.German word for a submarine
12.This is the country that Austria-Hungary blamed for the assassination of the Archduke.
14.This system helped transport US troops to Europe using numerous Destroyers as escorts
16.The assassination of this heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne sparked the war
18.His slogan was "Food will win the war"
19.Germany only had 20 in WWI
20.This man was given safe passage to Russia from Switzerland by Germany in order to overthrown the Russian Government
21.When war production increased the demand for jobs, African Americans moved from the South to areas in the North, and West during a period known as this.
23.Another name for cease-fire. This particular one was declared at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
24.People grew their own food in these, so most of the crops from commercial farms could go to feed the troops
25.When this happened in Russia, the US had ran out of excuses to stay out of the war
28.This term for agreement or friendship, helped topple all of Europe into a domino effect of war
31.A relative lack of movement or tie.

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