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1.I use Google to carry out _______________es on the internet.
5.It's always _______________ checking an essay before you give to your teacher.
6.To give the main ideas of a piece of writing.
8."I thought the party was going to be a bit boring." "So did I but it ________________ to be a great success."
9.To make a piece of writing shorter by using fewer words.
11.He did business studies at university and _______________ set up his own business.
12.These crisps have a low salt ______________, so they are healthier than normal crisps.
13.He's a ______________. He just spends all day on his computer. He doesn't go out and girls laugh at him when they see him.
15.He hit the _______________ when was the first man in the world to become a trillionaire.
2.He got 95% in First Certificate exam. That is a very good ________________.
3."Don't _____________ energy! Switch of things you are not using."
4.The ______________ of the new product will take place on Monday. The public cannot buy it before then.
7.When Newton saw an apple fall from his apple tree, he had a _______________. He realised that there must be something called gravity.
10.The unknown actor hit the ______________ when he was chosen to be the star in a big Hollywood film.
14.a company

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