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1.I wash my hair with __________
3.Another word for unique or exceptional or unusual
4.Red and blue mixed together makes his color.
6.The opposite of 'sat'.
7.Saturday morning is my favorite time to watch these.
9.My dog __________ his bone outside.
10.A small, natural STREAM of fresh water. A babbling _________.
11.Within a short period of time. Opposite of later
12.looking dark or dim
13.The color of snow.
2.Edible species of fungi. I like to eat these in my pasta and omelets.
5.A fairy comes and gives me money when I lose this and put it under my pillow
6.I TREMBLED with fear when it got to the scary part of the book
7.A book of recipes
8.Ms. Frizzle and The Magic _________ Bus

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