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4 5                                  
    6                   7
8     9                
    10                 11    
  13 14          
    16   17

2.a kind of school where male and female students are apart
5.the sports and physical exercises that students learn at school
6.to learn sometihng so that you remember it perfectly
8.a small eletronic device used to discover a number or amount
10.the practice of making people obey rules of behavior
12.to judge, measure or calculate something by making tests
14.to be successful in an examination or a test
15.to remember all the contents of somethjing without any help
18.something that is available or possible if you want it, but you don't have to have it or do it
19.the hability to do something well
20.a method of organization or of doing things
1.things you do at school that are not part of your program of study
3.kind of schools where boys and girlls study together
4.the activity of educating people at schools, colleges and universities
7.to be unsuccessful in achieving a level or standard
9.something that must be done because of a rule or law
11.a process or way to judge someone or calculate something through tests
13.a place where books, documents, magazines are available for you to look at or borrow
16.to give someone something that they want or need
17.statements explaining what someone can or can't do in a particular system, game or situation

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