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South African Apartheid

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1.The largest anti-apartheid political party in South Africa.
4.First Black president of South Africa
5.The main language spoken by Black South Africans
6.Small areas of land that Black South Africans were forced to live on.
8.Prominent South African Leader who won a Nobel Prize in 1984 for his work fighting apartheid.
9.Books, TV shows, newspapers.
11.The policy of the South African Government that kept Blacks and Whites separate.
12.Special ID cards Blacks needed in order to travel throughout the country.
14.Overcrowded towns full of poorly built shacks that was home to many Blacks in South
2.The form of protest used by Blacks in South Africa
3.US congressman who helped fight against apartheid
7.The president who released Mandela from prison and helped end apartheid
10.The language spoken by the White South African Dutch.
13.Black freedom fight who was killed while in jail

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