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Nationalism Spreads

Ms. Jacobs

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4.Former name of Haiti when it was a French colony.(2words) (2 Words)
6.Last name of the person known as el Libertador because he led most of Latin America to its independence from Spain.
7.Artistic movement that tried to show life as it was, not as it should be.
9.Group who advocates for protection of the traditional order and who favors monarchies.
12.Country unified, in part, by Guiseppe Garibaldi and his followers.
15.Famous English realist novelist who wrote A Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol.(2words) (2 Words)
21.Name for a country with an independent government made up of people who share a common culture.(2words)
22.Artistic movement that reflected deep interest in both nature and in the thoughts and feelings of the individual.
23.Last name of the person who fought against the revolution in Mexico before switching sides and eventually winning Mexico its independence.
24.Type of nationalist movement where culturally different areas resist being added to a state or break away to form thier own state.
25.Padre (priest) who issued the Grito de Delores, starting the Mexican independence movement.
26.Last name of the person who liberates Argentina, Peru, and Chile. He then handed over his army to another man.(2words) (2 Words)
1.Term used to describe a person of Spanish ancestry, born in Latin America.
2.Term refering to a group of extremists who favor drastic change in government.
3.Nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte who wins the presidency of France and later takes the title of emperor.(2words)
5.War fought as a result of an attempt by Russia to take over part of the Ottoman Empire in 1853.
8.Term for Spaniards born in Spain who move to Latin America.
10.Style of artthat tried to show people's perception of a subject or a moment in time. Used a lot of light, and pure colors.
11.Name for the group who advocates more power for elected legislatures.
13.Former slave who led independence movement in what will eventually become Haiti.
14.Russian leader who issued the Edicit of Emancipation (2 Words)
16.German term meaning emperor or ceasar; given to William I of Germany after its unification.
17.Type of nationalist movement where culturally similar lands come together.
18.German term meaning "the politics of reality"; used to describe tough power politics in Germany with no room for idealism.
19.Term used to describe a person of mixed African and European ancestry.
20.Author of Les Miserables. He tried to reflect the romantic fascination with history and the individual.(2words) (2 Words)

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