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Lease Vocabulary

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1.mount charged for damage to the car that is beyond what would be expected. (3 Words)
3.The price you would pay for the car. (3 Words)
5.Amount that is paid when the car is returned at the end of the lease. (2 Words)
8.The number of miles you will be allowed to drive the car without paying an extra charge per mile. (2 Words)
9.Predicted value the car will have at the end of the lease. (2 Words)
2.This is the down payment. (3 Words)
4.Payment to cover the cost of setting up a lease. (2 Words)
6.The amount you will pay each month during the lease. (2 Words)
7.Indication of the interest rate you would pay for financing the car. You multiply it by 24 months. (2 Words)

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