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NBA Playoffs Theme 2013

1     2  
3       4
6 7       8
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16                       17
18                     19  

1.team that ended the heat win streak
3.leader in points for active players
5.team that was expeted to be the best in NBA but did horrible
7.word chanted every time allen touches the ball in boston
10.team celtics played 3OT game against
12.team the 07-08 champion beat
13.team MJ owns
15.The Celtic, Lebron dunked on
16.shaqtin a fool MVP
18.2011-2012 rookie of year
20.scored 43 vs MIA in BOS
21.lob citys other dunker dunked on Brandon Night
2.2011-2012 MVP
4.07-08 champion
6.point guard for lob city
8.last name of all star who throws oops to lebron
9.Heat had this for 27 games in a row
11.team that will shave beards after .500 record
14.lob citys dunker, appears in kia commercials
17.leader in all time 3s
19.tore acl in end of jan

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