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China under Zedong

Charles Lian

1                             2 3
  5 6               7                      
    10 11    
        12     13
  16 17                 18

1.Organization of economy and people within centralized control
5.A system of government where all property is held under the ownership of the state
7.Mao's ideology for the unification of workers, present, and bourgeoisie
8.Date of Mao Zedong's pronounced death; chosen because it was as an easy day to remember
19.Official name of China following the declaration by Mao Zedong
20.Combination of imperialism, feudalism, and capitalism
2.Legislature of the Chinese Communist Party, created in 1954
3.Mao Zedong's picked successor, who was later killed by a plane crash
4.Mao's first plan of reconstruction enacted in 1953
6.Date the PRC was officially declared
9.Mao's second plan of reconstruction enacted in 1958, aka "Second Five Year Plan"
10.Leader of the Kuomintang defeated in the Chinese Civil War; later fled to the country now known as Taiwan
11.Mao's attempt at restoring the principles of communism in 1966
12.The only US president to visit Mao Zedong in China during his tenure as the Chinese leader
13.Communist country China based its government and economic policy on
14.War between the Nationalists and Communists from 1946-1949
15.Member of Mao Zedong's youth movement during the Cultural Revolution
16.Group of families and workers within a community who share land and income
17.Capital of new PRC
18.Leader of China following the end of the Chinese Civil War

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